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      The Research Centre for Criminal Justice of Renmin University of China (or the RCCJRUC) is a new comprehensive academic institute specialized in criminal justice. It is one of the 9 national key research institutes of justice and the only institute that takes the name of "Research Centre of Criminal Justice" in China.
      RCCJRUC was found in November 1999 with China¡¯s prestigious criminologist professor Gao Mingxuan as consultant and professor Zhao Bingzhi as the former director.
      RCCJRUC carries out criminal justice research by relying on the strong strength in humanities and social sciences of Renmin University of China and the solid research capabilities of law school¡¯s criminal justice discipline. Domestically, RCCJRUC is in a leading position in the field of criminal law research, covering almost all major research fields and disciplines, domestic and abroad, ancient and contemporary.
      Up to now, RCCJRUC has established 13 research sections, namely, China Criminal Law Section, Foreign Criminal Law Section, International Criminal Law Section, Criminal Procedure Law Section, Inter-regional Criminal Law Section, Criminal Law Enforcement Section, Investigation and Evidence Law Section, Criminal Legal History Section, Criminal Law Modernization Section, Criminology Section, Criminal Justice Section, Criminal Policy & Comparative Criminal Law Section and Financial Criminal Law Section. All these sections are directed by renowned professor and tutors of Ph.D. degrees. RCCJRUC also recruits more than 40 renowned scholars both at home and abroad as its part-time professors and research members.
      Under the leadership of Ministry of Education and Renmin University of China, and guided by two famous jurists Gao Mingxuan and Wang Zuofu, RCCJRUC has made great academic achievements and has contributed a lot in criminal judicial research, in criminal law legislation, in education and training, and in consultation for the administration of criminal justice.
      In April, 2006, at the invitation of Renmin University of China and with the approval of competent departments of the Central Committee of CPC, I was appointed the dean of the Research Center of Criminal Justice of Renmin University of China and I appreciate the trust on me form the ministry of Education and Renmin University of China. RCCJRUC now has professor Gao mingxuan as the honorary director, professor Wang zuofu as the fulltime consultant, professor Huang Jingping, professor Chen Weidong and professor Liu Mingxiang as executive directors, professor Feng Jun£¬professor Zhu Wenqi, professor Xie Wangyuan, professor Han Yusheng, professor He Jiahong, professor Zhao Xiaogeng and professor Xiao Zhonghua as deputy directors. Last year, thanks to the leadership of Ministry of Education and Renmin University of China, the support of our law school and the help form other departments of this university as well as helps form criminal judicial scholars form other research units, and the concerted efforts of all research personnel, our center made substantial achievements. And hereby, on behalf of the Research Center of Criminal Justice, I want to express sincere thanks to you all and I expect your continuous care and support for our center and your advises are welcomed.
      As the new director of the research center, I will work together with our team to carry forward the good traditions of this center, to give full play to our advantages in judicial research, and to improve and better our research work, so as to contribute our share to the criminal legislation, the administration of criminal justice, the education and training of criminal judicial talents.

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